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3rd FallschirmJäger Division (Preview)
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venerdì 21 marzo 2008
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Extraordinary and unprecedented quality in Braille Scale.

There are plenty of very good German infantry or German units in 1/72. Maybe too many. But, there are 2 very respected units from WW2 which still today fascinate imaginations. DAK and Fallschirmjagers.
Yet extraordinarily enough, there have been no good sets at all of the famous Green Devils of Monte Cassino in 1/72. Until today.

Those are 8 fully detailed Fallschirmjagers in vivid poses with heads, facial expressions and clothing details carefully sculpted. The addition of extra heads and helmets really gives you the option of having 8 entirely different soldiers based on the 4 basic poses, legs can be moved, arms exchanged... The quality is way above the Presier quality, that was so far the quality standard in 1/72 scale, they pushed the detail so much that one of the soldier is holding a cloth in his hand and another one of them is smoking a cigarette. I'm telling you, you have to see it to believe it.
Also, an amazing array of weapons including Kar98k, G43, MP40, MP44 and MG42 all reproduced with exquisite detail in such small scale. Even the magazines, binoculars and bipods are separate. There are 2 sets of sprues, giving plenty of weapons, equipments and accessories for at least 20 figures.

Another great find is the standard equipment including water bottles, canteens and pistol pouches realistically reproduced, and there is plenty to add to other figures in your scratch box.

This set is really marketed as a Kingtiger (Henschel turret), however, what will be of interest to small-scale modelers is the brand new 1/72 scale figures of German paratroopers. Those eight figures mimicking those previously released in 1/35 scale, allow modelers to reproduce the famous scene of soldiers riding into battle atop a Kingtiger in the Battle of the Bulge. ( i swear one of them is John Lennon! :)

These newly tooled figures are quite simply the best ever to be released on the market. They feature well-engineered part separation, and they fit together with great ease (and they are sandable!). Figure modelers have been waiting for decades for figures of this degree of detail and sophistication!

Likewise, their weapons and personal equipment are astoundingly accurate and well detailed. Poses are natural and anatomically correct. There are no concerns over undercut detail being missed as always happens with 1/72 soft-plastic figures. And there is no unsightly flash or so little it can easily be sanded down or cut away with ease.
These figures are made with Dragon's hard-plastic formula, so any super glue or standard cement works. This release starts a whole new era in 1/72 scale plastic figures. As I said, you have to see it to believe it.

As for the inclusion of a beautiful Kingtiger kit in the box? Well, that's just a bonus!

And there is another set (part 2) coming up in april 08, that has 8 new figures in new poses!

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