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Notizie dal mondo dei soldatini
Cataloghi Preiser 2008

I cataloghi della Preiser sono disponibili nella sezione Magazine

Medieval Army on March by Valdemar

The first set from Valdemar-SoL join venture is available.

Updates on Valiant Miniatures new sets

Valiant Miniatures announced that the American G.I. set will be available on March.

The box will include 64 figures with 15 separate poses, 24 separate heads, several arms and weapons.

Next release will be Panzer Grenadiers, available on May.

Nice pictures of the masters are available at the Web site.

Italeri products for 2008

Here is the list of sets that Italeri will produce during 2008:

  • 6094S Napoleonic wars British light cavalry 1815
  • 6099S WW2 German Afrika Korps
  • 6120S WW2 American infantry
  • 6121S WW2 German Motorcycles
  • 6122S WW2 Italian 90/53 Gun with servants
  • 6123S XIIIth Century Chinese cavalry
  • 6124S XIIIth Century Mongol cavalry
  • 6125S Medieval Era Templar Knights
  • 6126S Medieval Era Arab warriors
WW2 Japanese Infantry by Waterloo1815

Waterloo1815 announced on his web site that WW2 Japanese Infantry is available.

Perry Miniatures will make plastic figures

Perry brothers announced a new line of 28mm hard-plastic miniatures. The first releases will be ACW infantry (36 figs) and cavalry (12 figs). 
The figures will match their existing metal ranges.

Prussians and X MAS by Waterloo1815
Both sets are available.
Upcoming sets by Waterloo1815

Next sets from Waterloo1815 will be Napoleonic Prussian Cavalry 1813-1815 (maybe in November) and US Marines at Iwojima.

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