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Louis de Nevers by Valdemar
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The Man
Louis de Dampierre, Count of Nevers, of Flanders and Rethel, took part on the french side in the opening charge at Crécy (1346) and was killed in the battle.
His appearance is fixed in the plate by Christopher Rothero published on Osprey's Men at Arms n.111 "The Armies of Crécy and Poitieres": under the jupon with his arms, a rampant lion, he wears a long hauberk with plate defences on the elbows and lower legs. The crested and manteled helm was tipically worn during tournements.
I adopted the same color scheme, but you're free to use different colours apart from the lion, unless you want to represent a different subject...

The figure
The model by Valdemar Miniatures is a perfect replica of a well known Pegaso model sculpted in 54mm by A. Laruccia. Valdemar's sculptor have perfectly rendered the pose in 1/72 scale and, as it's cast in resin, the details are very crisp.

This figure is part of the upcoming "personality" range that will include the following figures, limited to 300-500 samples each, great for modelers and collectors:
- VP001: Robert The Bruce, mounted
- VP002: Louis de Nevers, on foot
- VP003: Edward the Black Prince, mounted
- VP004: Lord Basset, mountd
- VP005: King Valdemar "The Grear", mounted
- VP006: Sir Svane, on foot
- VP007: Re Riccardo "Lionheart", mounted

Like all Valdemar sets these figures ar not intended for wargame: they're true scale models, perfect for small dioramas or in a stand after an accurate painting.

I used Vallejo and Lifecolor acrilic colors on a thin base coat of black paint to enhance the contrast of chainmail and plates. After base coloring I used darker tones in the folds and drybrushing with lighter hue to bring out the lights here and there; last, to darken recessed areas, a black washing was applied (but you can use a brownish hue, for a more "weathered" appearance on the chainmail).
The base is well textured and can be left as is or enhanced with grass flock; it's a pity that it's not a separate piece to give the customers more choices, expecially if you intend to use this masterpiece for wargaming...

Finally, with the help of computer graphic, I placed the model on a nice background!