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Battle of Kadesh
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These photos are drawn by a wargame that is developed from November 06 to March 07 inspired to the Kadesh battle. The photo 1 infantrymen belong to the guard of the Pharaoh Ramses II. They are Egyptian infantrymen of Caesar to which has been eliminated the headgear that the guard don't wear it.


In photo 2-3 is shown the Hittita command chariot that represents the king Muwatalli. The king is a modified Egyptian noble of the box of Atlantic court of the Pharaoh. The soldier of the guard is an infantryman of the box of the Caesar mycenaeans to which has been add a modified helmet of a mitannian charioteer of the Caesar.

foto 2

foto 3

In the photo 4 his adversary, it's an Atlantic Egyptian chariot with an Egyptian infantryman (runner) of Caesar and an Egyptian that in fact is a mitannian archer of Caesar modified with a helmet of an Egyptian infantryman of Caesar.

foto 4

Finally the Pharaoh: the piece is a New Line accompanied and protected by a standard-bearer and by a archer in scale-armor that is a modified Airfix roman archer.
Colors and uniforms are from "Armies of ancient near east", N.Stilmann, N.Tallis; Ed.W.R.G.

foto 5

The pharaoh camp