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How to publish a Gallery

You just need to upload your images to the server and create a document with the thumbnails and some text (if you have a lot of text you'd rather write an article!)

Before starting, please send a request to the webmaster to be activated

To upload the images:

Click on Upload Gallery images in the User Menu on the "Users" page.

When the uploader opens, click Options and then Create Folder.

Now choose a folder name and click Create.

Use a name as simple as possible, better if all lowercase and without spaces or special characters, becouse later you'll have to type this name exactly in the text editor (see below).

Then select the new folder in the Remote area, click Add files and choose the pictures to upload (ctrl+click or shift+click to select more images).
The list of images will appear in the Upload queue.
You can add more images or remove some with the buttons.

You may resize the images in the queue choosing the horizontal pixel size from the list.

Keep in mind that 1024x768 is the most common screen size, so I suggest to reduce the images to 800x600.

When ready click on Upload ; after a while you'll see the images in the Remote area where you can rename or thelete them.

Remember that the name of the images will appear under the thumbnails in the Gallery, so choose an appropriate name!