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Roman scouts
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Écrit par Leonardo Torricini   
Recently I discovered a new interesting way to use the resin copies for the toysoldiers conversions, to use the cloak of one to put on another one.
I think that is nearly impossible to do it so well and quick (or at all) directly with plastic. The althernative is to use the tinfoil (otherwise card or cloth) covered with glue, or sculpt the needed part with putty, but is a long work and quite difficult especialy if you want to give a realistic look to the folds shape, and afterall also glueing this conversions on the soft plastic isn't easy anyway.

It's easy to imagine the potentials of this technique if pushed to it's limits, once acquired some skills and pratique for example the upper part of a toysoldier (with head, hands and legs removed), opportunely carved empty and with the arms squashed to make the sleeves, can become a shirt, a jacket or a coat on some pieces shoulders or hanged somewhere, or a fluttering mantle as we can see on certain very aesthetic napoleonic mounted figures.

Questo piccolo diorama non ha nessuna pretesa di correttezza storica nei costumi, armature ecc. è solo un primo esercizio per provare un po' questa nuova tecnica, e un pretesto per sbizzarrirmi nel mio personale gusto nel realizzare pose pur sempre militari ma non di combattimento, visto che di quest'ultime ce n'è gia per tutti i gusti nei set esistenti.

In the scene I wanted to represent a group of legionaries just returned from an exploration and reporting, some refer and discuss with an officer, another drinks from a flask (a good falernum wine?), and the other ones keep the horses, while the commander is arriving with a standard bearer and a guard.



The pieces I used for the conversion are higlighted in this photo and belong to these sets:

- Hat - Roman commando (punic wars). The two horse mounted with very few modified, each one had already it's own cloack, I used also their heads to make some helmets; the cloak of the standing officer is used on two toysoldiers: on the standing official and on one of the kneeling ones; and the standing soldier used for the hooded scout that holds the horses.

- Hat - Italian allies (punic wars). I used the body of the kneeling one.

- Hat - Roman catapults (scorpion). I used the standing toysoldier indicating and the other one for the legionary that pull the horse.

- Hat - Gothic cavalry. I used the horses and one head for the hooded scout.

- Zwezda - Repubblican roman infantry. I used two toysoldiers, one for the standing officer with the helmet under the arm, and the other for the drinking legionary, the upper part of another is half of the mounted guard.

- Orion - Gladiators. I used the emperor's cloack for the standing indicating scout, and for the drinking legionary that have also the head replaced with the emperor's one modified (without laurel crown), and the mantle of the yelling spectator for the hooded scout.

- Orion - Roman sailors. Just the lower part of an oarer used for the mounted guard.

- Atlantic - Gladiators and christians. I used part of the toga as cloack for the mounted guard and the legionary that is pulling a horse, and the gladiators cloack for the other kneeling scout that have also the head of the other piece of the set.

I hope you like it!