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Rivoli 1797
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These photos are drawn by a wargame what is developed from April to September 2005 inspired to the Rivoli battle (1797). Austrian horse artillery used a system (wurst ) for which the artillerymen sat on the gun carriage. Not existing such subject I have thought to create it (photo 1-2) using and modifying for artilleryman the English light cavalry of crimea of Emhar, whose plastic allows to modify easily the layings of the soldiers. For the hats I have used that of the Swedish Napoleonic infantry of the Hat with some change; the gun barrel is a modified (without backweigh or" traube") 6 lbs of the Russian artillery of crimea of the Imex with the lengthened and modified gun carriage. The limber is an austrian limber of the seven years war of Revell to which have been add 2 horses.




In 1797 the Austrian artillerymen used a "round" hat that can be considered the ancestor of the "corsican" hat that comes use more late by the same austrian artillerymen. In photos 3-4 the Austrian artillerymen after have gotten off are ready in do fire to the french infantry. Even this scene is fruit of conversion: Austrian official is a modified one of the austrian infantry of HAT, other artillerymen are modified American of the arillery of american war of independence of IMEX and an austrian infantryman of ITALERI. The grenadiers are modified soldiers of the Guard Infantry of Zvezda with bicorne hats of the Hat french line infantry 1805; the chasseurs are french infantrymen of Italeri of the war of American independence modified ( the shoulder straps above all) with bicorne hats of the aforementioned Hat French infantry and tarleton hats of Hat british artillery.






To check all (photo 5) a young general Napole: I have used a modified officer of the Revell French Guard Infantry. To end some photo of several phases of the battle of Rivoli. The French artillerymen are Esci artillerymen of the french imperial guard to which has been add a modified bicorne hat of Esci prussians light infantry.

French guns in combat


French light infantry engage the austrian guns

In the last photo Austrian foot artillery supported by grenzer try to overrun the French front.