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Etruscan hunting and fishing
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Écrit par Leonardo Torricini   

Once again another reconstruction of an etruscan tombal fresco of Tarquinia, the sequel continues... than I'll change subjects, promised!


This time is about the famous Hunting and fishing tomb, the paintings in this tomb, even if partly damaged are between the most known, the scenes are very bright and original.
In the diorama I tryed to reproduce the scenes where are represented small boats at fishing and some figures as a hunter with sling and the famous diver, this last figure is common between the bronze statues production of the period, the same figure is represented also in the famous tomb of the diver in Paestum.
In these scenes are represented also various fishes and birds, in the same tomb on the other walls and in another chamber there are also other scenes of symposion with musicians, horse mounted hunters, dogs and preys, dances.

I used resin copies of Orion oarers, gladiators and roman siege troops; an Atlantic egiptian soldier and an Esci barbarian, all modified to recreate the figures of the frescos. The rest, fishes and birds, baskets, oars etc. are sculpted with hard plastic spare pieces.
The boats are in resin, I made the originals with wood, putty, cardboard and glue.

For the diorama I prepared a plexiglass box waxed inside where first i create the rocks with putty, then I colored all and with vinilic glue I apply stones, sand grass etc. Once dryed i dropped the resin to create the water in many layers. Even if is not much visible, I placed some octopusses on the sea bottom and in the fishing net that is a piece of gauze, and the fishes at various levels. After removed the external plexiglass I printed a wallpaper of sea with horizon and sky to apply the supports for the birds.