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Assaulting legionaries
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Écrit par Leonardo Torricini   

I used this toysoldiers for a small temporary diorama, they are a mix of conversions and pieces from many sets of different producers, to make a first test of the position of some pieces for a bigger siege diorama.
I haven't painted the shields yet as I still don't know whith what simbols to make them, it depends by who I'll choose for the sieged part.

In a recent doumentary I've discovered that in the legions there was also some medics; so I worked converting some pieces to make deads, woundeds, soccourers and a medic.
Here's a quite courious aspect especialy in the static modeling, I don't mean to criticize productions, or wreck the fun and mindless joyfull aspect of toysoldiers with sad considerations, just a thought: there's plenty of choice in the wide variety of roman legionaries miniatures, but there's a lack or even the absence (apart from few exceptions for this historical period as for all the others) of dead and/or wounded figures. A bit strange...


It looks weird in the battle dioramas, How's that? Dozens, sometimes even hundreds of fighting figures, and no one laying dead or wounded, or at least the same dead or wounded figure repeating in some parts of the diorama, in the same positions.
Luckily there are some poses that can already used without changes or just with little modifications, but is always possible to do something more and better.

Perhaps unconsciously we want to exorcise the horrors of war? There's no need to remind that the war is a bad thing, especialy today with all the news from many part of the world, reminding us that war always means (but especialy nowdays) the failure of intelligence and the triumph of stupidity.
I think anyway that further the educational and correct aspects, it wuld be an improvement of the quality of productions and of the realism of dioramas, if more figures of that kind would be available.

Ad ogni modo basta ingegnarsi, trovare le pose adatte e con un po' di lavoro di modifica sulle copie in resina non solo si evitano le pose ripetitive, ma si creano anche pose inedite per qualunque scopo e quasi in qualsiasi posizione.
E' un bel lavorone paragonato alla sola pittura, ma spero che i risultati ne valgano la pena, ci vorrà qualche mese (ho anche altri lavori da fare nel frattempo) quando il plastico dell'assedio sarà pronto vi mostrerò i risultati.

Spero intanto che vi sia piaciuto questo primo assaggio!