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Here you'll find several articles written by our members on toy soldiers, modelling, wargame, uniforms, weapons, armies, battles and military history...
Anybody can publish a contribute: just register and contact me, and if you send 2 english text articles you'll get a present from SoL!

Articles are mainly in italian, but those with english text are marked in bold

  • Toy Soldiers  ( 78 items )

    Anything toy soldiers's: history, leading manufacturers, dioramas...
    (translated content in bold)

  • Techniques  ( 30 items )

    A collection of tips on sculpting, modelling, painting, converting, schratchbuilding...
    (translated content in bold)

  • Wargame  ( 25 items )

    Articles on Wargame, free rules, basing...
    (translated content in bold)

  • Armies  ( 41 items )

    History of the leading armies, their weapons and the uniforms.
    (translated content in bold)

  • History  ( 67 items )

    Military history, wars, famous battles, tactics...
    (translated content in bold)

  • Books/Magazines  ( 58 items )

    For your reviews of books and magazines