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Re:Austrian wursts 12 anni, 5 mesi fa  
Don't know what you could use, I'm not expert in napoleonic troops...

There are many ways for the conversion, you can use any miniature with the right uniform, and replace just the head with one with the right hat.
In the same way if yoy find the right uniform and hat you can choose the ones with a torso position that fit, cut off the legs and replace them with any rider legs similar enough. Not a very difficult conversion parform for the putty probably necessary to re-sculpt a bit and smooth the junctions.

I use to do it in another way, with nearly any niniature just dressed right by changing it's position, I make resin copies that are soft as rubber when "just printed" and may be bended in many different positions... and many other pros but is a very long complicate work!

Take a look to the tutorials for both miniatures conversions and resin copies on SOL! There are many usefull tips and tricks.

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Austrian wursts
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